Published: September 4, 2016

While I’m more than aware it’s ok to have lines and wrinkles at my age, I don’t have to like it, acknowledge it or celebrate it. And although I don’t think I’ll ever try botox ( I like people seeing my cranky lines on my forehead when required), anything that can soften the crows feet or turn my laugh fault lines into giggle lines would be lovely. So when Delma suggested I try their new TDA treatment, I may have said ‘dunk me in the stuff and pull me out when you close for the night.’

I’m glad to say dunking you in the serum for hours is not necessary and the whole treatment is divine. So it starts with an explanation of how it all works and then I was taken to a beautiful calm quiet room.

First make up was removed and then I had a facial cleanse with green tea and tamarind cleanser which smelt like it really should be eaten. Then the exfoliation or derma-brasian – with a gel and tiny little brushes. I laid there half asleep imagining all the lovely brand new skin I was going to have. It felt so relaxing having the little tooth brush-like tools swiped gently across my face. Next was the face mask…and a foot massage while the mask did its thing. I have to say this is a lovely touch – I’ve had facials before where the therapist leaves the room and I’m left wondering ‘what happens if they forget I’m here?’ And also, who doesn’t love a fabulous foot massage?!

At this point I’m so blissed out I’ve actually forgotten what I’m there for in the first place. The mask comes off, a facial massage follows and then…TDA. It’s hard to describe but it’s like very small pen pumps of air and serum all over your skin. It’s cool and gentle and very relaxing. And it works!

TDA Package 1: Restore your radiance (3 treatments over one week)

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